Sports Related Eye Injuries

Over 100,000 accidental eye injuries are sports related. Fifty-five percent of these injuries occur in people under the age of 25. An eye injury during sports may result in abrasions of the cornea, eyelid lacerations, or fractured orbital bones (the bones that form the eye socket). The way to avoid these injuries is to wear protective eye gear when participating in sports. The sports that are most often associated with eye injury are racket and ball sports such as tennis, racquetball, paddleball, handball and basketball.

Sports goggles with polycarbonate lenses and side shield should be worn while playing basketball, soccer and racket sports. Baseball and softball players should wear a helmet with a polycarbonate face shield while batting.

And remember that, while skiing does not generally involve flying objects, protective eyewear in the form of sunglasses or goggles that filter UV should be thought of as standard equipment.

One way you can actively protect your eyesight is by using protective eyewear when appropriate. Another way is to have regular eye exams by your ophthalmologist. People of all ages should have periodic eye examinations and the frequency of those exams will depend upon your age and physical condition.